Regulations on .VN management

I. Principles of managing and using Internet resources:

1. Internet resources are managed collectively to ensure the safety, reliability and effectiveness of Internet activities in Vietnam.

2. Internet resources related to national sovereignty, benefits and security; operations of Party and state organizations and agencies shall be given priority for protection against infringement.

3. The management and usage of Internet resources must adhere to the principle  it will serve the right purpose, the right subject, and comply with regulations and will not intrude upon legitimate rights and interests of other organizations or individuals.

4. International cooperation International cooperation should be enhanced and international agreements and laws in respect of management and use of Internet resources should be strictly observed.

5. Internet resources are only brought into operation or maintained for continuing operations only after organizations or individuals using Internet resources have paid fees and charges in accordance with applicable regulations.

II. Principles of registration and usage of national domain name “.vn”:

1. The principles of registration are equality, non-discrimination, “first come-first served”, except the following:

a) Domain names under protection as stated in the section 1 Article 8 of this Circular

b) Domain names under the auction list of the Ministry of Information and Communications

2. Domain names are available for individuals and organizations to register, but must follow the requirements:

a) Do not contain words or phrases intruding upon the national sovereignty, interest and security, or violating social ethics, fine traditional customs and values;

b) Be clear and serious and avoid causing any confusion or misunderstanding by abusing polysyllabic and polysemantic attributes and omitting accent marks in Vietnamese language;

c) Have at least one or a set of character(s) under top-level domain “.vn”;

d) Contain alphabetical characters from a to z, numerical characters from 0 to 9; Vietnamese symbols defined in the table of Vietnamese letters, and all characters and symbols accepted by domain name servers. Lowercase or uppercase letters and symbols do not matter;

e) Contain hyphen "-" but do not begin or end a domain name with this symbol and do not use two hyphens placed next to each other in a domain name;

f) At each level of domain name, no more than 63 characters (for Vietnamese IDN, the length of the string would be after conversed into ASCII string);   

g) For, the string must be the name, surname, middle name, place of birth, date of birth (bearing the meaning of personal name).

3. Domain name registrants must bear responsibilities of managing and using the domain names in accordance with Internet resource regulations. Organizations, institutions can only allocate domain names under the registered domain name to member organizations, individuals working for those organizations and institutions.

III. Responsibilities of organization, individual in registering and using domain name:

1. Register and use “.vn” domain names in accordance with legal regulations.

2. File complaints, make accusations and bring legal proceedings against any illegal intrusion or infringement upon registration and use of ".vn" domain names.

3. Choose domain name registrars within the system of ".vn" domain registrars in order to register domain names or transfer to other domain name registrar.

4. Provide adequate and accurate information when registering domain names in accordance with regulations; bear responsibility to manage domain name information; disseminate and update information under the guidance of domain name registrars whenever there is any change made information, and assume responsibility to check and provide accurate updated information upon the request made by domain name registrars or VNNIC.

5. Engage in or collaborate in preventing domain names from being used for law-breaking purposes upon the request of competent state agencies.

6. Apply technical measures to ensure the safety for domain names and attached information provided along with domain names which are being registered and used.