DNSSEC deployment project approved (31/10/2014) | Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC)

DNSSEC deployment project approved (31/10/2014)

On Oct 23rd 2014, the Minister of Information and Communication signed the decision to approve the project of DNSSEC deployment for the .VN DNS system.

Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) is a suite of IETF specifications for securing certain kinds of information provided by DNS with authentication and protection. Researches on improving the security for DNS dated back to the 1990s with several RFC specifications published and implemented, but not until 2005 did the DNSSEC specifications replace all the previous RFC to describe the current DNSSEC protocol which has been widely implemented in the global Internet since then.

The deployment plan for DNSSEC by VNNIC will include 3 phases: Phase 1: Preparation (2015), Phase 2: Implementation (2016) and Phase 3: Accomplishment (2017). Each phase will have different objectives to finish, such as: raising public awareness among ISPs, registrars..., building policies and regulations guiding DNSSEC, preparing human and technical resources (Phase 1); Implementing DNSSEC for the national DNS system, connecting DNSSEC to DNS ROOT and international DNS systems (Phase 2); upgrading the national DNS system and domain management system, providing Internet users in Vietnam with services and products with DNSSEC specifications.

It is expected that after the approval of MIC, the whole deployment plan for DNSSEC will soon be executed and achive great results in bringing about the secure and reliable for the DNS system of VNNIC, as well as the infrastructure and development of Internet in Vietnam.