Viet Nam IPv6 Day 2017 (5/5/2017)

On Friday, May 5th 2017, the “IPv6 and Internet of Things” conference was successfully hosted by the National IPv6 Task Force (IPv6TF) on the occasion of Viet Nam IPv6 Day 2017, with the attendance of Mr. Phan Tam, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information and Communcations (MIC).  

The conference was chaired by Mr. Phan Tâm and well-attended by members of the IPv6TF, representatives of MIC and several other governmental authorities, major local Internet and mobile service providers (ISPs), local IoT solution providers and the press media.

Undoubtedly, IPv6 and the Internet of Things (IoT) are hot topics not only in Vietnam, but around the world also. Much has been discussed about the evolution of IoT and the role of IPv6 in that technological wave. However, with such an enormous ambiguity among the local IoT community  regarding IPv6, this event was expected to bring more awareness to the public and unavoidable discussions between participants.

The conference started with the brief presentation of VNNIC about the nature of  IoT and its relation with IPv6, then the updated policies that Vietnam is now adopting in regards of both IoT and IPv6 enterprises. Basically, local businesses are encouraged to promote their IPv6 and IoT deployment with lots of support and advantages. But what remarkable results have we seen from those open support policies?

Speakers from major ISPs such as VNPT Technology and FPT delivered their speech in which reflected their research and achievements in the field of IoT, in consideration of the IPv6 implementation in the era of 4.0 Technology Evolution. It could be said that the various standards and technologies adopted by IoT enterprises nowadays in the country would much account for the discrepancy in the mindset of people in the industry when the idea considering IPv6 as the inevitable solution for IoT was put on the table for open discussion.

In conclusion, Mr. Phan Tam emphasized that IPv6 was a crucial solution to meet the demand of development, security, scalability and connect-ability for IoT industry in the open era. However, to follow the steps of the global IoT trend, more need to be done by government authorities, ISPs, CSPs, IoT enterprises, not just regulations or policies.

All the presentations are now available at the event’s website: http://