VNIPv6TF had working meetings with ISPs for greater IPv6 deployment in Viet Nam (13th – 14th November, 2018) | Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC)

VNIPv6TF had working meetings with ISPs for greater IPv6 deployment in Viet Nam (13th – 14th November, 2018)

With the aim to accomplish Viet Nam’s IPv6 promotion plan in 2018, Viet Nam IPv6 Task Force (VNIPv6TF) held working meetings with Viettel, VNPT and Mobifone to summarize and assess IPv6 deployment result in Viet Nam this year.

Viet Nam’s IPv6 deployment continues to grow in 2018

Thanks to the coordination between VNIPv6TF and ISPs in promoting IPv6 services to customers, there has been a steady growth in IPv6 application development in Viet Nam that exceeded VNIPv6TF’s target in 2018. According to APNIC and Cisco statistics, by November 2018, IPv6 adoption rate in Viet Nam reached 21% with more than 11 million IPv6 users. Now Viet Nam is standing the 2nd place in ASEAN region, the 7th place in AP region (after India, America, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan and Canada) and the 20th one all over the world in IPv6 deployment. While VNPT has been the greatest contributor giving an impulse to provide IPv6 services to their customers, Viettel also had a considerable increase in their IPv6 adoption rate.

Viet Nam’s IPv6 use in Viet Nam by November, 2018 (source: APNIC)

VNPT is the greatest contributor to IPv6 deployment and the first ISP to support IPv6 for mobile service in Viet Nam

VNPT had supported dual stack network for all their FTTH subscribers that results in a jump in their IPv6 deployment rate from 7% in early 2018 to 29% in November. According to APNIC statistics, VNPT had contributed more than 60% to Viet Nam’s total IPv6 adoption rate. For IPv6 deployment in FTTH area, VNPT has been standing 1st place in Viet Nam with 2.7 million subscribers. Their IPv6 mobile customers were 470,000 people by November, 2018. 

The working meeting between VNIPv6TF and VNPT on 14th November, 2018

VNPT is expected to provide IPv6 for 4 million subscribers and complete their experiment in deploying IPv6-only FTTH network and IPv6-only mobile network in 2019.

Viettel witnessed a considerable growth in IPv6 adoption in 2018

According APNIC statistics, Viettel’s IPv6 adoption rate was 13% in November 2018. Their contribution rate to the total IPv6 adoption rate in Viet Nam was about 12% which increased by 700 times compared to the same period in 2017. Untill now, Viettel has provided IPv6 service for 1.9 million FTTH subscribers. It is expected that Viettel will enable IPv6 for total 3.5 million FTTH customers by end of this year.

Mr. Tran Minh Tan, Vice Head of VNIPv6TF gave compliment to Viettel for their contribution to Viet Nam’s IPv6 deployment at the meeting

Although VNPT was the first ISP to provide IPv6 to mobile subscribers, Viettel has speeded up in this area to become the greatest contributor with 700,000 mobile subscribers enable IPv6. Viettel also supported IDC hosting and provided this service to 15 customers by October 2018. To reach this achievement, Viettel has upgraded all their IPv6 network subsystems and coordinated with 3 biggest mobile networks in Viet Nam (Apple, Samsung and Oppo) in order to issue compatible roadmap for upgrading software supported IPv6. In the content area, Viettel had transitioned their 18 highest-traffic Websites to IPv6 and 4 of them were enabled IPv6 ready logo.

Mobifone promised to promote IPv6 deployment

Mobifone has completed their experiment in IPv6 transition for their internal network and mobile network. However, they have not officially provided IPv6 services to their customers yet then IPv6 adoption rate of Mobifone was still low (much lower than the average percentage of Viet Nam’s IPv6 adoption rate).

Mr. Pham Hong Hai, Head of VNIPv6TK and Prime Minister of Ministry of Information and Communications, was the operator of the meeting between VNIPv6TF and Mobifone. He urged Mobifone to deploy IPv6 officially for their internal application networks and provide IPv6 services to customers in 2018 and 2019. Other members of VNIPv6TK also discussed with Mobifone technical staffs and gave some recommendations about technology solutions and communication strategy to promote IPv6 deployment.  

Mr. Pham Hong Hai operated the working meeting with Mobifone

As Viet Nam National IPv6 Action Plan, 2019 will be the final year of period 2016 – 2019 (the final period) to complete IPv6 transition in over Viet Nam Internet. Accordingly, VNIPv6TF encouraged ISPs to keep promoting IPv6 deployment to meet the requirements of the National IPv6 Action Plan in 2019. Here are the important objectives:

- To revise the internal action plan for IPv6 transition in order to follow objectives of Viet Nam National IPv6 Action Plan;

- To increase IPv6 deployment for 4GLTE mobile network;

- To give an impulse to provide IPv6 services for FTTH subscribers;

- To research and initiate plans to deploy IPv6 for new Internet services like IoT, Smart City; AI, etc.

- To ensure the stable Internet development ready for Industry 4.0;

- To support government agencies in IPv6 transition for their portals, public services level 3 and level 4.

These working meetings with ISPs were an opportunity for VNIPv6TF to get recommendations from ISP and understand their disadvantages in IPv6 deployment. In order to support ISPs in IPv6 transition journey, VNIPv6TF will continuously strengthen awareness among community about IPv6 by conducting communication and promotion activities. The Committee will also give effort to connect ISPs with end-device providers together to support IPv6 deployment in Viet Nam.