VNNIC collaborated with JPNIC to hold a RPKI seminar in Hanoi city (12th December, 2018) | Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC)

VNNIC collaborated with JPNIC to hold a RPKI seminar in Hanoi city (12th December, 2018)

With the aim to promote RPKI deployment for securing the Internet routing infrastructures in Viet Nam, Viet Nam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) had collaborated with Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) to hold a RPKI seminar for Internet service providers (ISPs) and VNNIC’s IP members in Hanoi city on 12th December, 2018.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Thang, The Deputy Director General of VNNIC delivered the opening speech at the seminar

RPKI (Resource Public Key Infrastructure), a specialized PKI framework designed to secure the Internet’s routing infrastructure, is now widely adopted around the world. In the AP region, JPNIC was the pioneer to research about RPKI in Japan since 2013 and officially launched their RPKI service in 2015.

Mr. Taiji Kimura, JPNIC’s representative shared his experiences in RPKI deployment for JPNIC at the event

In the region, APNIC now operated their managed RPKI system to issues the resource certification service to resource holders – APNIC members. APNIC has integrated RPKI management services into its MYAPNIC Portal for APNIC member use. APNIC also encourages resource holders to research and deploy their own locally managed RPKI system and communicate with the APNIC RPKI using the standard ‘RPKI Provisioning Protocol’ (RFC6492). Till now, there were 7 NIRs of AP region that launched RPKI service, including KRNIC, CNNIC, JPNIC, IDNIC and TWNIC.

In Viet Nam. VNNIC has researched about RPKI and experimented in deploying RPKI for VNNIC’s network infrastructures.  By November 2018, VNNIC had published guidance for RPKI deployment and the registration and announcement procedure for validated RPKI information on the national IP/ASN management website (

At the event, representatives of VNNIC delivered presentations on the contents of model of providing PRKI service in Viet Nam, VNNIC’s support in validated RPKI information announcement, RPKI implementation technologies and technical standards.


Mrs. Nguyen Thị Thu Thuy and Mr. Phan Xuan Dung share VNNIC's experiment in RPKI deployment for VNNIC's network infrastructures at the event

In 2019, VNNIC will continue to launch other promotion activities and training workshops to increase RPKI adoption as well as to ensure Internet routing security in Viet Nam.

Following this seminar collaborated with JPNIC, VNNIC also held a bilateral meeting with JPNIC delegation at VNNIC’s office in Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park, Hanoi city in order to share information and experiences in Internet resources management. The content of the meeting was focused on IPv6 deployment, value-added services in IP/ASN, WHOIS IP system and RDAP service. Both VNNIC and JPNIC representatives expressed their hope to expand the depth and breadth of the partnership for their mutual interest in Internet resources management.

Some photos of working meeting between VNNIC and JPNIC as follows: