VNNIC, KISA enhanced the cooperation in Internet resources management and development

To enhance connection and cooperation efficiency on national Internet resources development, VNNIC held an online bilateral meeting with KISA on December 27-28, 2021. The main purpose of the meeting is to share experiences in Internet resources management and development; to cooperate in pilot project of DNS Server Sharing. 

Since the first MoU in 2015, VNNIC and KISA have built a long-standing relationship, supporting each other in NIR members’ activities, Internet governance and international cooperation activities in the region. In 2021, VNNIC and KISA have become the first ccTLDs to join pilot project of DNS Server Sharing. The project proposes to extend DNS server system amongst ccTLDs in the Asia-Pacific region with the aim to support each other in responding to incidents related to the national DNS system.

On December 27-28, 2021, VNNIC and KISA held an online bilateral meeting to review the result of pilot project. Besides, two organizations also had a brief update on new policies and achivenemnt in developing Internet resources in Viet Nam and South Korea. 

VNNIC and KISA held an online meeting on December 27-28, 2021

At the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Hong Thang - Director of VNNIC and Ms. Sungwon Hwang - Vice President of KISA highly appreciated the efforts of both organizations in enhancing the efficiency of bilateral cooperation, contributing to the development of Internet resources in particular and the close cooperation between Viet Nam and South Korea in general. Following the effective long-term bilateral cooperation, both organizations are expecting to sign a new MoU in 2022, catching up with the development orientation of VNNIC and KISA.