VNNIC organizes the conference "IPv6 Showcase" on Vietnam IPv6 Day 2014 (06/05/2014) | Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC)

VNNIC organizes the conference "IPv6 Showcase" on Vietnam IPv6 Day 2014 (06/05/2014)

On May 6th 2014, Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) – Standing Committee for Vietnam IPv6 Task Force hosted the Conference “IPv6 Showcase”, on behalf of Ministry of Information and Communications, at JW Marriott Hotel, Hanoi. The detailed information about the event is announced in the website

Following the success of the IPv6 events in 2012 in Hanoi and 2013 in Hochiminh city, Vietnam IPv6Task Force (IPv6TF) decided to organize the events to celebrate the Vietnam IPv6 Day 2014, including a training course on IPv6 programming named “Certified Network Programmer IPv6” from  May 05th to May 07th, and especially the conference “IPv6 Showcase” on May 06th 2014.

The conference “IPv6 Showcase” at JW Marriott Hotel on May 06th 2014

The conference attracted the participation of approximately 300 representatives from MIC, IPv6TF, local authorities and the IT sector, policy makers, equipment and service providers. In particular, important updates  about IPv6 deployment were shared with all the attendees by IPv6 experts from  Japanese organizations.

Mr. Le Nam Thang – Deputy Minister of Ministry of Information and Communications – Header of Vietnam National IPv6 Task Force (IPv6 TF) said at the conference: “According to the route of transforming IPv4 to IPv6 approved by Ministry of Information and Communications in the National Action IPv6 Plan, the year 2014 is considered to be of great importance as the transitional year of the Starting period. The conference “IPv6 Showcase” 2014 will provide the opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to exchange and study the management, technology, and motivating experiences of the IPv6 deployment”.

At the conference, speakers from VNNIC and JPNIC, Vietnamese businesses such as VNPT Technology, BKAV, NETNAM, VDC, as well as international enterprises such as NTT Communications, Hewlett&Packett, F5 Networks presented to the attendees about the achievements of deploying IPv6 in the world and in Vietnam, including the breakthroughs as well as the difficulties.

 The conference “Vietnam IPv6 Day” is one of the important and meaningful events of Vietnam in general and of Information and Communications field in particular in 2014. This activity would contribute to the cooperation, development and integration of the Telecommunications, Information Technology and Electronics fields in Vietnam towards the world.

Photos from the event