VNNIC promoted the bilateral cooperation strategy with APNIC in the new stage

On August 7, 2023, a bilateral work program between Vietnam Internet Center (VNNIC) and Asia-Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC) was holded at APNIC headquarters, Brisbane - Australia. Representatives  of the two organizations exchanged and re-evaluated the results achieved in the bilateral cooperation in the past period, discussed, agreed and consolidated the development cooperation strategy in the new period between the two organizations. The organization has an important role (national NIC - VNNIC and regional NIC - APNIC) in order to maximize cooperation results, serving the management of Internet resources in particular, promoting the development of Internet activities in general nationally and regionally.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Thang - Director of Vietnam Internet Center to visit and work at APNIC.

APNIC is a long-term strategic partner of VNNIC

Since 2003, VNNIC has been recognized by the Asia-Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC) as the National Internet Registry (NIR). Since this time, VNNIC has established a strategic cooperation relationship with APNIC, serving the management of national IP/ASN resources. By 2018, VNNIC and APNIC officially signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), expanded the scope of cooperation, increased the sharing of technology and techniques related to Internet resource management and coordinated in organizing community development activities (training, building technical and technological forums in Vietnam).

In the past time, bilateral cooperation activities have been maintained, developed, and practically contributed to the Vietnamese community and businesses. Specifically, APNIC experts supported the implementation of training programs, support lecturers and speakers on Internet resources, Internet administration, and new technologies for the annual technology and technical forum VNNIC Internet Conference, VNIX -NOG, IP address member briefing. The two sides regularly share information on policies and strategies to promote development, new technologies for IPv6 deployment, improve routing safety, and develop Vietnamese Internet resource management systems (WHOIS, IRR). , RPKI,…). In addition, the representative of VNNIC was elected by APNIC and the community as the Chairman of the NIR SIG forum (term of 2021 - 2023), enhancing Vietnam's position in the international community.

Discussing in the bilateral working program, Mr. Nguyen Hong Thang - Director of VNNIC and Mr. Paul Wilson - Director of APNIC highly appreciated the strong and strategic relationship of the two organizations in past period. The joint activities of the two units have brought practical results in the management and development of Internet resources, supporting the promotion and development of network activities and services in Vietnam and the region.

Tightening cooperation with APNIC: a strategic factor in realizing VNNIC's Internet community development goal

At the bilateral working program, representatives of the two organizations discussed and agreed on the development cooperation strategy in the new period with specific contents:
- Cooperation and sharing of information and experience in managing Internet resources; deploying new technology on Internet resources and ensuring safe operation of IP/ASN resources; manage and ensure the safety of data of Internet resources, the safety of Internet operations in the strategy of digital transformation and development of digital infrastructure.
- Cooperation in building and developing the Internet community, technology and technical forums, fellowship programs, training activities on Internet resources, routing safety, new technology, Internet administration, from which strengthen cooperation between the Vietnamese Internet community and the regional Internet community.
- Cooperation in implementing initiatives to enhance sharing of vision, knowledge and experience in promoting the application of new Internet technologies (IPv6, RPKI, ...) in the ASEAN region, Vietnam with the leading role .
- Support the initiatives of the two sides in international Internet and Internet resource forums to increase the position of both sides in the international arena.
 VNNIC and APNIC plan to re-sign the MoU in 2024, in line with the development orientation of VNNIC and APNIC in the face of the new generation Internet development trend.