VNNIC published the Report on Viet Nam Internet Resources 2018 | Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC)

VNNIC published the Report on Viet Nam Internet Resources 2018

On the occasion of Internet Day 2018 (5th December, 2018), Viet Nam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) published the Report on Viet Nam Internet Resources 2018. This report was introduced for the first time in 2012 and has since become an annual publication which provided Internet statistics, some main achievements and growth trend of Internet resources in Viet Nam.

Mr. Tran Minh Tan, Director General of VNNIC emphasized some statistics of the report at Internet Day 2018 event

In Viet Nam, domain names, IP addresses and ASN are assigned as national resources which play an important role in ensuring connectivity, information availability and security for digital ecosystems. Accordingly, they are critical factors which encourage the development of networks and Internet services in Viet Nam.

Highlights of the Report on Viet Nam Internet resources in 2018

The highlight of year 2018 was the improvement of domain registration management, with the introduction of online registration system and document which still secures the validity and convenience of registrants. By 31st October, 2018, the number of ASCII “.VN” new registrations reached 199,737 domains and the cumulative number of registrations reached 460,412 domain names which increased by 9% compared to the same period last year. The “.VN” ccTLD growth has continued positively while the growth rate of some ccTLDs in the region decreased because of the competition with gTLD and New gTLD.

2018 also witnessed the steady growth of Ipv6 penetration rate in Viet Nam (about 21% with 11 million IPv6 users), bringing Viet Nam to the 2nd position in ASEAN, 7th place in the AP region (after India, America, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan and Canada) and passed Australia and New Zealand to reach 20th ranking globally. In the government IPv6 deployment, there was a significant transformation in awareness about IPv6 transition.

About the Internet security in Viet Nam, VNNIC has ensured the stable development of critical infromation infrastructures (the national DNS systems and VNIX system) without any incidents. The national DNS systems include 7 name servers (5 servers located in local area and 2 ones located foreign area) with 70 PoPs all over the world. Five of ".VN" DNS servers support IPv6.

About Viet Nam National Internet eXchange (VNIX), it is  a neutral and non-profit system interconnecting local ISPs via 4 Internet eXchange points (2 points in Ha Noi city, one in Da Nang city and one in Ho Chi Minh city). The traffic via VNIX has been continuously increasing in recent years. By October 2018, the total cumulative traffic via VNIX was 541,008 Terabytes. Within 10 months of 2018, the traffic via VNIX reached 61,048 Terabytes with weekly average traffic reaching 6,105 Terabytes. The highest-traffic point was in Ho Chi Minh city with 51.81%, followed by Ha Noi city (47.68%) and Da Nang city (0.51%).

Full copy of the Report on Viet Nam Internet Resources in 2018 is posted at this link: