VNNIC strengthened partnership with LANIC by holding several workshops on Internet resources management and operation | Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC)

VNNIC strengthened partnership with LANIC by holding several workshops on Internet resources management and operation

Under the agreement between the Ministry of Infromation and Communications (MIC in Viet Nam ) and the Ministry of Post and Telecommunicaitons (MPT in Laos), in collobration with LANIC, VNNIC conducted the IPv6 training workshop and ccTLD training one for IT staffs from LANIC, ISPs and Registrars in Laos in September and October, 2018.

ccTLD traning workshop in Laos from 10th – 14th September, 2018

There were 29 participants from LANIC, Information Technology Department of MPT, “.LA” Registrars and web hosting service providers in Laos attending the ccTLD training workshop. In order to help to achieve objectives of promoting the use of “.LA” domain and expanding the domain name market in Laos, the workshops was focused on some issues of Registry roles in operating ccTLD registration system, developing policies and technical systems for ccTLD management, as follows:

- Overview and requirements in ccTLD management and operation;

- Management policies and promotion strategies for stable development of ccTLD;

- VNNIC’s experiences in building and operating EPP domain management system;

- VNNIC’s experiences in developing EPP registration system for Vietnamese IDN: applying EPP to IDN management system, IDN implementation guidelines and universal acceptance for IDN.


 Mrs. Phavanhna, Deputy Director of Planning and Cooperation Department of MPT and Mrs. Tran Thi Thu Hien, Deputy Director of VNNIC delivered opening speech at ccTLD training workshop


VNNIC officers gave presentations on ccTLD management and operation

Advanced IPv6 training workshop in Viet Nam from 29th October to 1st November, 2018

With the aim to promote IPv6 transition in Laos and provide hand-on training in deploying IPv6 for LANIC technicall staffs, VNNIC conducted an advanced IPv6 training workshop in Hanoi. The workshop was focused on IP address allocation and IPv6 deployment with some main contents as follows:

- Update on IPv6 usage in region and in Viet Nam;

- VNNIC’s experiences in IPv6 deployment;

- IP address allocation and IPv4/IPv6 transition technologies;

- Internet connection solutions and IPv6 transition technologies for IDC;

- IPv6 transition for LAN networks and WiFi;

- IPv6 transition for DNS and Website.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Thang, Deputy Director of VNNIC gave opening speech at the advanced IPv6 training workshop


LANIC staffs recieved certificates after finishing the training course

These workshops coordinated between VNNIC and LANNIC has contributed to the future development of the relationship between two Registries and between MIC and MPT for the mutual interest in Internet management.