Registrar Accreditation

If a enterprise wants to be a “.vn” registrar, it is required to submit these following documents:

a. Application form for provision of “.vn” registration and maintenance services;

b. Valid copy of Business registration certificate;

c. Notarized translation of the contract between the enterprise and an accredited registrar of ICANN;

d. Personnel and technical plan to deploy “.vn” registration and maintenance services.

Application method: Directly submit the registration application or by post (email, fax).

Application address:

Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC)

24th floor VNTA Building, Duong Dinh Nghe Street, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.

Telephone: +84 - 2435564944 (Ext: 700)






Application document evaluation

In case any required document is missing, the enterprise must submit them per VNNIC’s request (by email or telephone) no later than 05 working days, or the submission will be refused.

Within 10 working days after receiving sufficient and valid documents, VNNIC shall evaluate this application and notify the enterprise about the acceptance or refusal in writing.

In case of refusal, VNNIC shall specify the reasons in the notification note.


Contract negotiation

In case the application is accepted, VNNIC shall notify the enterprise about the invitation to have a physical meeting with VNNIC within 05 working days since the date of notification.

The agenda of this meeting would be: clarification of any insufficient or inefficient information about the capacity of service provision, clarification of technical and operational requirements of “.VN domain name registrars, and negotiation of articles in the drafted “.vn” Registrar Contract attached with the above notification note.

The period of meeting and contract negotiation does not last more than 05 working days.


Contract signing and performance guarantee

VNNIC and the enterprise officially sign “.vn” Registrar Contract after contract negotiation. This contract is made into 6 copies with affixed seal of VNNIC.

Performance guarantee: Enterprise shall submit performance guarantee issued by bank or cash to VNNIC within 03 working days from the date of contract signing. The performance guarantee shall be USD 2500 (Two thousand and five hundred US dollar).


Technical system completion and training course

Technical system completion:

After contract signing and performance guarantee submitting, the Registrar shall improve its technical and operational systems to provide “.vn” services within no more than 03 months. The “.vn” Registrar Contract will be terminated if Registrar can not complete its systems in time. The Registrar will be assisted by VNNIC during the process per due request.

Training course:

VNNIC shall carry out training course for Registrar’s personnel simultaneously with the period of system completion. It is required to have at least 03 employees participating in a training course: 02 operational staff and 01 technical staff.

Training methods: If Registrar can not participate in direct training, e-learning system or training via teleconference will be executed. The training course shall not last more than 05 working days.


Physical examination

After completing the systems, Registrar must notify VNNIC in written form. VNNIC will confirm in written form with examination schedule. Accordingly, physical examination will be carried out at the registrar’s premise. The period of examination will not take place later than 05 working days of the reception of notification and last no more than 05 working days.

The physical examination report shall be completed within 01 working day.


Account registration to provide “.vn” service

After no more than 02 working days since the completion of the physical examination report, Registrar submits forms related to management responsibilities and the security of Registrar’s accounts, IP address of Registrar’s servers connecting to VNNIC’s system, responsibility for managing digital certificate of domain name service providers (detailed forms and processes are provided by VNNIC during the training period).

VNNIC shall create Registrar’s account, digital certificate on the basis of information above and also give access to “.vn” services for IP address of Registrar.

Account deposit:

After Registrar’s account is created, Registrar shall deposit at least USD 2500 (Two thousand five hundred US dollar) to officially provide “.vn” services.

Please refer to this document for details.