About VNIX system | Trung Tâm Internet Việt Nam (VNNIC)

About VNIX system

1. Vietnam National Internet eXchange - VNIX

  • Vietnam National Internet eXchange (VNIX) is a system of transferring domestic Internet traffic between Internet service providers (ISPs)
  • VNIX was contructed, operated, managed by VNNIC according to Document No. 1513/BBCVT-VT day 29.08.2003 of the Ministry of Post and Telematics Ministry (now, Ministry of Information and Communications)
  • VNIX has been working effectively in 3 regions of the country: the North (Ha Noi city), South (Ho Chi Minh city),the Middle (Da Nangcity).
  • VNIX has two types of connections: n x 1Gbps/port and n x 10Gbps/port.

2. Benefits of connecting VNIX

2.1 Cost savings for ISPs

  • Using direct connections to other ISPs increases a lot of connections. To reduce the number of the connections just connects to VNIX, to be able to connect to the others.
  • Domestic Internet traffic goes directly to other ISPs via VNIX (do not go through international).

2.2 The traffic of ISPs is transited smoothly

  • VNIX is deployed in 3 regions to ensure that the domestic Internet traffic between the ISP is transferd smoothly.

2.3 Improving the quality of network services

  • Connecting VNIX reduce latency, increasing the efficiency of using the ISPs' connections.