About .VN DNS

The national DNS .VN of Vietnam is technical system to ensure the operation of national domain name of Vietnam (.VN domain name) over internet. Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) – Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) setup, manage and operate national DNS .VN of Vietnam. The main functions of national DNS .VN of Vietnam:

  • Manage .VN top level domain name space and the second level domain name under .VN, such as,,, ect.
  • Delegate .VN domain name space to other organizations for management under the policy and law.
  • Respond the queries of .VN domain name from legal resource on over internet. Ensure the operation of .VN domain name queries of Internet user continuously, quickly and safety.

    NS: Name Server

    About VNIX system

    1. Vietnam National Internet eXchange - VNIX

    • Vietnam National Internet eXchange (VNIX) is a system of transferring domestic Internet traffic between Internet service providers (ISPs)
    • VNIX was contructed, operated, managed by VNNIC according to Document No. 1513/BBCVT-VT day 29.08.2003 of the Ministry of Post and Telematics Ministry (now, Ministry of Information and Communications)
    • VNIX has been working effectively in 3 regions of the country: the North (Ha Noi city), South (Ho Chi Minh city),the Middle (Da Nangcity).
    • VNIX has two types of connections: n x 1Gbps/port and n x 10Gbps/port.

    2. Benefits of connecting VNIX

    2.1 Cost savings for ISPs

    • Using direct connections to other ISPs increases a lot of connections. To reduce the number of the connections just connects to VNIX, to be able to connect to the others.
    • Domestic Internet traffic goes directly to other ISPs via VNIX (do not go through international).

    2.2 The traffic of ISPs is transited smoothly

    • VNIX is deployed in 3 regions to ensure that the domestic Internet traffic between the ISP is transferd smoothly.

    2.3 Improving the quality of network services

    • Connecting VNIX reduce latency, increasing the efficiency of using the ISPs' connections.