• VietNam National IPv6 Action Plan

    On 29th March, 2011, Minister of Information and Communications issued Vietnam National IPv6 Action Plan which determined the objectives and a specific roadmap for transition to IPv6 in Vietnam.
    VietNam National IPv6 plan includes 3 following stages:
    Stage 1: Preparation phase (2011 – 2012) with the main targets:
       - Making the assessment of the network, IPv6 test, training.
       - Local ISPs issue their own IPv6 deployment plan that conform with the National Plan.
    Stage 2: Implementation phase (2013 - 2015) with the main targets:
       - Network transition for supporting IPv4/IPv6
       - Forming National IPv6 Network infrastructure; Provide testing IPv6 services to end users.
    Stage 3: Accomplishment phase (2016 - 2019)
       - Ensuring the stable operation of Internet in Vietnam with IPv6-based technology.

  • Vietnam National IPv6 Task Force

    •    On 6th January, 2009, the Minister of Information and Communications has issued Decision No. 05/QD-BTTTT establishment Vietnam National IPv6 Task Force.
    •    Main funtions of Vietnam National IPv6 Task Force: carrying out research,  plans and schedule for implementing the transition to IPv6 in Vietnam.
    •    Members:  
        -    Headed by Deputy Minister of Information and Communications (MIC).
        -    High position official from MIC.
        -    CEO of major local ISPs, CPs.
        -    VNNIC is the standing committee for the TF to cooperate and organize all activities of the TF.
    •    Contact information:
        -    Email:;
        -    Phone: +84-24-35564944 ext 102, 105.
        -    Fax: +84-24-37821462
        -    Homepage: (Vietnamese version only)

  • VietNam National IPv6 Network

    VietNam National IPv6 Network was setup and operated by VNNIC. It is base on some separate IPv6 networks: National DNSv6 network, VNIXv6 network and IPv6 promotion network. All local ISPs can make IPv6 connection to the promotion network by both native and tunneling method while only VNIX member can connect to the VNIXv6 network. National IPv6 Network provides some kind of basic services for conntected member for the purpose of testing.

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